The same biological mechanisms that first operated in the dawn of life nourish the creatures of Earth to this day. Our physical and mental make-up is dependent on the critical presence and replenishment of full-spectrum minerals and trace elements. All of these essential minerals can be found in the world’s oceans.

Enriching soil with macro and trace minerals that farming has removed brings life back to soil, plants, animals and humans. Soil biota can flourish, plants have the building blocks available to build complex amino-acids and protect themselves against attack from insects and fungi, animals enjoy better health, and humans can reach their full physical and mental potential.

Without good nutrition we, like plants, cannot function properly. We are alive, yes, but we do not truly live.

At Ocean Soil Technology we harvest macro and trace minerals from pristine ocean water, mix in some magic, and make it available for broad-acre and garden use. You and your plants will be thankful.


Ocean Soil Technology was conceptualised after a health scare in 2014, and the almost miraculous effect of nutrition on mental and overall health. 18 months of continuous research led to the current formulation of Ocean Minerals Organic Soil Conditioner which is being tested across Australia and in New Zealand on various crops. From ornamentals, trees, orchards, vegetables, olives, fruit orchards, grains, fodder, grazing, coconuts, cotton, we are proving its efficacy scientifically. From quantitative measures like BRIX and crop yield to qualitative measures of livestock preference for treated grazing areas the product performance is measured.


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