Reports and Downloads

Ocean Minerals is being trialed on multiple crops, across multiple sites in Australia and New Zealand. Results will be posted here as they become available. If you would like to trial some product in your garden or farm, please contact us via the Contact page. We have standardised testing guidelines available to ensure your trial is conducted in a scientific and statistically-representative manner. Don’t worry about the big words, it’s as simple as documenting all your inputs and outputs in a notepad, and measuring your control and test samples with the same equipment, right after each other.

Discounts on future purchases are offered for open sharing of results with us.

Below you can see a partial chemistry of Ocean Minerals. Partial because it is not a soil mineraliser, it is a soil conditioner. There are other goodies in the product that the plants and soil biota enjoy.

Partial Chemistry of Ocean Minerals
Element mg/l Element mg/l
Arsenic 0.007 Molybdenum 0.031
Boron 14 Phosphorus 0.15
Cadmium <0.0001 Potassium 430
Calcium 450 Selenium 0.003
Cobalt <0.001 Silver <0.001
Copper 0.029 Sodium 7740
Iron 0.48 Sulphur 580
Lead 0.001 Uranium 0.016
Magnesium 3830 Zinc 0.09
Manganese 0.007 Pesticides, herbicides Nil
Mercury <0.0001 Chemical fertilisers Nil






Standard-testing-procedure.pdf (23 downloads) MSDS_OceanMinerals_PV_R05.pdf (21 downloads)